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Badger is finally ready

By David Roch on

Hi there.

I am super excited to announce that Badger is finally ready :)

As people who have worked in SEO for years, we lost track of the time we’ve spent preparing reports for clients. That’s why we created Badger.

We can't wait to help you save tons of hours by automating reporting to your clients.

We start humbly and will progress step by step. For example, we are working hard these days to release a fresh new integration with SEMRush.


Our vision is ambitious.

We see Badger becoming the go-to place for handling all your client digital marketing. From reporting to internal analysis, including auditing and client acquisition tools.

Hope you join us and become part of this journey.

So if would like to get started, just click here to access the first version of the product.

By joining we invite you to co-create with us and collaborate on defining the future of the solution.

Thanks so much.

(One more thing: we’ve never liked it when companies push up their prices when they start to grow. That’s why by signing up now we offer you lifetime pricing respect.)

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