Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Marketgoo Internet SL is committed to respecting the privacy of the users of the Badger application, and to the protection and security of the personal data they have provided therein. Accordingly, marketgoo has designed a Privacy Policy for Badger and established the necessary means and procedures to execute it.

Users must read this Privacy Policy carefully and determine freely and voluntarily whether they wish to provide their personal data to Badger.

By means of this Privacy Policy, Badger informs the way in which it collects, processes and protects the personal data provided by the users of the application.

This Privacy Policy has been written using clear and plain language, to ensure that it is easily understandable, and that therefore the user is able to provide a freely-given, unambiguous, informed and specific consent to the processing of his / her personal data on behalf of Badger.

Types of Data Processed

The following personal data will be collected from the users:

Purposes of the Processing

The personal data specified in the section above will be processed by Badger for the following purposes:

Data Processed from Third Parties

Badger might use the Google Analytics Reporting API and the Google Search Console API to gather analytics data about your website and present them in an actionable way via charts and graphs inside your Badger dashboard and reports.

Badger will ask you for read-only permission to access your Google Analytics data through the use of Google OAuth authentication. You can disable and effectively revoke this permission at any time, in which case Badger shall stop using your OAuth credentials immediately.

Data collected from Google Analytics and Google Search Console include, but are not limited to, the following items:

Detailed information on the available data points is provided in the API documentation, available on this link for Google Analytics and on this link for Google Search Console.

Purposes of the Processing of Third Party Data

Data collected from Third Party APIs such as the Google Analytics API and Google Search Console API will be used exclusively for the purposes of aggregating this data into Badger dashboards and reports. Additionally, Badger might use this data from the aforementioned APIs to infer potential improvements and offer suggestions to improve your website based on such information or detect and warn about potential defects on your website.

Badger will not in any way disclose or otherwise share this data with additional third parties.

Obligatory Nature of Providing the Data

The data requested in the data collection or registration forms are, in general, necessary for the purposes for which the data is collected. Shall that not be the case, it will be otherwise indicated in the corresponding field of the form. In the event of failure to duly and correctly provide the necessary data, it will not be possible to respond to a query, address a request or complete the registration process.

Where the personal data provided in the registration form have been obtained from a third-party, the user shall inform said third-party of the terms contained in this Privacy Policy, obtaining its consent and further applicable requirements ensuring that the communication of personal data to Badger is according to the applicable regulations.

Storage Period

The data will be stored for the period of time necessary for the fulfillment of the aforementioned purposes, and even longer, for managing any deriving legal responsibilities.

The legal basis for processing personal data in relation to the purposes 1-6 mentioned above is the consent given by the user. The legal basis for elaboration of anonymous statistical reports is Badger’s legitimate interest.

International Data Transfers

User’s personal data may be transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area and, specifically, to the United States, exclusively for the purposes of payment processing. In any case, Badger confirms that any data transfer will have all the guarantees necessary to comply with the requirements laid down by the applicable data protection regulations.

Rights of the Data Subjects

Users are legally entitled to exercise the following rights:

Said rights may be exercised by sending an email to [] or a post letter to Camino de Malatones, 63 – 28110 Algete, Madrid, SPAIN. In either case, the communication is to be accompanied with a copy of the National Identification Document.

Additionally, users may lodge a complaint regarding their data protection with the Spanish Data Protection Agency at Calle de Jorge Juan, 6, 28001 Madrid if they consider that Cloud SEO App has violated their rights recognised by the applicable data protection regulations.

Safety Measures

In accordance with current legislation, Badger has adopted the necessary technical and organisational means to maintain the level of safety required insofar as personal data is concerned. It also has the specific mechanisms in place to prevent, to the extent possible, unauthorised access, unlawful removal or modification, and data loss.


Badger reserves the right to review its Privacy Policy whenever it deems it necessary, in which case it shall inform the users of said changes. Taking this into account, it is recommended that the users check on a regular basis this Privacy Policy to read its updated version.

The user declares that he or she has been informed of the conditions relating to the protection of his or her personal data and agrees to abide by this Privacy Policy.

Last updated: May 2022

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